join our trial to reduce waste for our portabin customers

 We have designed a portabin called a recycle bag that can sit alongside of your portabin when you are cleaning up.  To make sure our plan of how we will deliver this service to you works we are running a trial for the next three months.

  • August 2023  -  October 2023
  • we will supply the recycle bag at no cost (for the bag) 
  • You can order it here on line with your portabin order
  • or you can pick one up at our outlet store
  • Read the instructions on the bag and the pamphlet you will be given
  • only put the designated recyclable material into the recycle bag
  • The collection and recycling of your material will cost you $100 per bag
  • We will ask you to pay before we pick up the recycle bag.
  • The recycle bag is yours to keep.  If we need to bring it back to our yard with your recyclables you can call in and collect it from us at any time or if one our our trucks is passing your location we can drop it back to you.