About Us

We're local

Our team are local and their here to help you keep this beautiful coastal area clean and environmentally friendly. You’ll see our team behind you at the supermarket checkout, out catching fish in the bay, playing soccer or rugby or walking along the beach on Sunday morning.

Our Roots

We were one of the first businesses to realise the potential of this amazing region. We moved north from Auckland a decade ago. Our unique waste business deals with almost every type of waste from: waste metals (scrap metal) – construction and farming waste to’ lets renovate or clean out the shed’s waste. That old car taking up space in the back yard - we'll take that away for you too.

Building towards future recycling opportunities.

We are building towards future recycling opportunities. For now however we are ready to put our 30 years of experience in recycling metals into saving you costs and helping you recycle some of your throw away stuff. From toasters - to trampolines and even old car batteries if it it made of a metal product we can recycle it for you. We ask all our bin customers to stack up their metals based items beside the bin and let us know you have done that when you call us up to for collection. We are continuously building our Metals Recycling Facility up to produce metals based products that can be exported for smelting into new products. If you want to bring your metals based products into our yard yourself you will get to see how we do this.

We are also excited to support a local initiative that is investigating an opportunity to establish a waste repurposing facility here in the bay. Watch this space we will let you know how this innovation develops.

Supporting Regional Growth

Some of the other businesses we regularly support here in the bay include: RefiningNZ, Northport, Daltons, Breambay Coatings, Breambay storage, Ruakaka Fire brigade, Wastemanagement, Ruakaka Engineering, Bream Bay Hydraulics, LVL, Marsden Welding, SPI.

Being one of the first Auckland based business’s to relocate here we know how important it is to work B2B to help our region grow. We work alongside other businesses in our area using our skills and expertise.

We can:
  • Help with small cartage or delivery work
  • Undertake Demolition projects
  • Move small equipment

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