How much will a bin cost me?

Our prices are on the booking page for the bins along with the sizes. As well as the initial one off charge we also charge for overweight bins. This is usual practice for waste bin companies. Our charge weight for bins that contain more than 1 tonne of waste is rated at 14 cents per kilo or $140 per tonne.

Are you open 7 days a week?

You can order a bin any time day or night on this web site, deliveries however are only carried out Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30 pm and Saturday until 12. If you need to talk to us, you can call us on 0800 336 673 and one of our team will answer the call no matter what time it is.

How long can I have the bin for?

We currently allow a 7 day hire as part of the deal without any extra charges for one of non-business customers. Our regular commercial customers have individual agreements with us which includes extended rental free time frames for the bin to be on their site. We happy to talk to you about you specific needs.

What if I need the bin for longer?

If you run out of time and need the bin for a short time longer you can call us.  Please call as soon as you realise you will run out of time so we can adjust our pick up schedule.  REMEMBER WITH THE PORTABIN YOU CAN KEEP IT AS LONG AS YOU LIKE 

Do you deliver to our area?

In general we operated in the following areas:

  • Ruakaka
  • One Tree Point
  • Waipu
  • Langs Beach
  • Mangawhai
  • Whangarei City
  • Maungaturoto
  • Kaiwaka

However we are happy to quote a price for bin delivery or scrap pick up outside these areas just give us a call.

How do I order a portabin or skip bin?

You can order online, by visiting our outlet stores,  Hammer Hardware Waipu, ITM Mangawhai, Best Pets Kaiwaka or call us on 0800336673

How can I change the dates for my portabin or skip bin?

There is no pick up date pre schedule at time of purchase, but if you want to change the pick up time just call us on 0800336673  this is a 24/7 answered service.

What do I need to do in preparation for the bin to arrive?

Make sure any dogs are not roaming the property.  Check gates are unlocked, make us aware of any hazards.  Then you can just leave us to it.

How much of my waste goes to landfill and how much gets recycled?

With your help we can recycle 100% of all metals-based product. We just need you to put it beside your bin or portabin and let us know when you call to arrange a pick up that you have scrap metal to go as well.

We are currently setting up a small MRF (materials recycling facility) at our base in Ruakaka. Within the next year we hope to be able to separate some of the waste currently going to landfill for repurposing or recycling.

Is there anything that I CANNOT put in the portabin?

Yes, below is a list of of items that are not allowed in the portabins:

  • No Hazardous waste
  • No Asbestos
  • No household glass
  • No Concrete
  • No Batteries
  • No Rechargable batteries

How do I contact Marsden Waste?

Call us on 09 433 0390, or 0800 336 673. See the Contact page for more details.