Solving the problem of construction made easy with our Tradie Recycle solutions

For every tonne of wood waste that ends up in landfill, 1 tonne of carbon emission is created.  

Marsden Metals Group the company that owns the Marsden Waste and tradie bag initiative in New Zealand is committed to making it easy for our construction customers to reduce their carbon emissions through sorting their waste on site.

From initial idea, to research, product development and customer trials we have spent 3 years finding a solution for construction waste reduction.

The results have been fantastic

The support from our construction customers outstanding

The graphs below show the journey of one customers waste across 5 builds and one year.  

The yellow is the amount of total waste going to landfill

The blue is the wood waste being sorted at source

The first graph shows the results when our bags were first introduced

You can see how the volume of timber sorted at source for recycling / repurpose (in blue) grow each quarter.

And how the volume of waste to landfill deminishes

this company builds exclusive homes for  international customers for whom environmental considerations are an essential part of choosing their build partners.

all timber waste across their builds in our area is now redirected from landfill

almost 35 tonnes of timber waste in just over 1 year.

The frames that hold the bags on the build site have recently been remodeled and are now being commercially built to meet the demand from our customers.  They are easy to;  use, stack, transport and set up.

We now have a totally commercial product to take beyond the trial stage to share with the wider construction industry where ever they are in New Zealand or in the world.